Thinking About Potential

An encouragement for the day – a short excerpt from the book:

“However, we must accept that it is possible to treat people poorly and still achieve a measure of commercial success. The evidence is all around us. For this reason, let us fix our gaze on something higher: on potential. I believe that every team that achieves commercial success with poor leadership could become so much more with good leadership. Let’s ask ourselves what these teams could become if the people who did the work were enthusiastic participants and not reluctant survivors, if they were chasing a dream they cared about for a leader they cared about.”

Are you passionate about your team’s potential?

The Heart and Hands of Leadership: The Twelve Timeless Practices of Effective Leaders is available in soft cover and in all major ebook formats. Order yours today. Also, download your free PDF addendum for Christian readers, for much of the scripture that informs each chapter.


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