About Dan

Two experiences underpin my work. The first, has been my career as a newspaper executive from advertising sales representative to president and publisher at a major Canadian daily newspaper. At different newspapers and markets I learned how to lead through the challenges presented by integrations, labour unrest and several turnarounds. I approached each assignment with a focus on leadership, believing then as I do now, that when we get leadership right, the rest follows. I have always had an insatiable hunger to learn more about leadership. Newspapers were my practical marketplace classroom.

In 1993, after 22 years in the newspaper business, my career hit a defining moment when our company was sold to new shareholders, provoking a career crisis that led me away from that career and into faith. I bought my first bible and became a Christian. I discovered that what I had learned experientially, through newspaper leadership, was right there in the bible.

These influences converged to inform the work I do today. I wrote a book and opened a business helping leaders build organizations (large and small) that stand out because they are led differently and better. These are the types of organizations that will attract, motivate and retain talented people.

Married to Sarah, with two daughters and two grandchildren, I serve on the board of elders at our local  Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, and enjoy horseback riding and downhill skiing in my time away from work.